Located in the south city neighborhood region of St. Louis City is the Tiffany neighborhood. It is one of several neighborhoods that makes up the true “heart” of the middle portion of the City of St. Louis, bounded by Midtown at the north, The Gate at the east, Shaw towards the south and Botanical Heights at Tiffany’s west. Covering no more than 0.21 total square miles, Tiffany’s population, at the time of the 2010 census, is 1,060 residents with most of Tiffany is comprised of the St. Louis University Medical Complex. The neighborhood is represented by two Aldermen sitting in the 17th and 19th Wards respectively.

Like its adjoining neighborhoods of Botanical Heights and Shaw, Tiffany was originally part of a French common field in the 1700s. As the 19th century approached, much of the area covering present-day Tiffany and other northern regions became property of a local woman named Mary Mcree in 1860. Mary envisioned much of her land, particularly the territory which made up Tiffany, to be her ideal groundwork for “McRee Town”. She hoped to follow in the footsteps of several development projects to that of Henry Shaw, the founder of both Tower Grove Park and the Missouri Botanical Garden. Unfortunately, Mary passed in 1889 before selling her remaining land Thomas A. Scott, best known for being appointed by President Abraham Lincoln as the U.S. Assistant Secretary of War during the American Civil War.

In 1890, the Grand Avenue Suspension Bridge underwent completion (before eventual final remodels in the 1959) which, along with electrified streetcar lines, helped transform the territory surrounding Tiffany into a middle-class suburb. At the turn of the 20th century, most of the Tiffany region was developing into a handful of commercial strips thanks to the increase in population to the area. Eventually, the neighborhood earned the name of Tiffany as a tribute to the popular Tiffany streetcar line which connected transit spots at Chouteau Avenue and 39th Street.

Residents of Tiffany are served by the St. Louis Public School District.

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Community Contacts

Aldermen Joseph Roddy – Ward 17 (314) 622-3287
Aldermen Marlene Davis – Ward 19
(314) 622-3287
Neighborhood Improvement Specialist Ron Coleman – Ward 17 (314) 657-1361