Creve Coeur

Located in the central portion of St. Louis County is the city of Creve Coeur. Creve Coeur is home to the headquarters of the Monsanto Corporation and the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.

The population, as of the 2010 census, was impressive 17,833 and covers more than 10.27 square miles of land, sharing a ZIP code (63141) with Town and County.

Native Americans inhabited the land until the 1800s, when the area would eventually be acquired through the Louisiana Purchase by the United States in 1803. The city gets its name from the Creve Coeur Lake, which is the largest lake in St. Louis County. The term “crève cœur” is French for “heartbreak.” The lake was christened that after a purported Indian princess’ unreciprocated love for a Frenchmen drove her to jump into the lake’s water, which ultimately lead to her passing.

Creve Coeur was officially incorporated in December of 1949, just as St. Louis County was reaching a total peak population of nearly 856,000.

Residents of Creve Coeur in the western portion are served by the Parkway School District, while eastern portions are served by the Ladue School District. Those within city limits of Ladue are served by the Pattonville School District.

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Creve Coeur contains some of the most leading consulting firms in St. Louis, with five of the top 15 tech firms, such as TEKSystems and iBridge Solutions, located in the city.

For residents with friends of the canine variety, the Creve Coeur Dog Park is a place for all kinds of pups to run, play and enjoy the outdoors. Within 2.5 acres of fenced area, the park is divided into two sections with two acres for larger dogs and one-half acre for dogs under 30 pounds.

The Creve Coeur Farmers Market hosts the best of local food and home goods producers within the community and provides a wide variety of seasonal selections like wreaths, plants and jewelry.

That Painting Spot is the area’s “do-it-yourself” art studio which hosts several paint-your-own pottery, canvas painting, glass fusion and clay studio classes and parties.


Community Contacts

Mayor of Creve Coeur Barry Glantz
(314) 872-2516
Current City Council Members Alexis Travers
James Faron
Ellen Lawrence
Ted Ruzicka
Charlotte D’Alfonso
Robert Hoffman
Scott Saunders
Sue Baseley
City Administrator Mark Perkins
(314) 872-2511
Assistant to the City Administrator Sharon Stott
(314) 872-2516
City Clerk Deborah Ryan
(314) 872-2517
City Attorney Carl Lumley (314) 725-8788
Court Administrator Jody Caswell
(314) 432-8844
Municipal Judge Timothy Engelmeyer (636) 532-9933
Finance Director Lori Obermoeller (314) 432-6000\
Director of Community Development Jason Jaggi
(314) 872-2504
Director of Recreation Jason Valvero
(314) 872-2570
Director of Public Works Jim Heines
(314) 872-2538
Creve Coeur Fire Department (314) 432-0403
Creve Coeur Police Department (314) 432-8000