Des Peres

Des Peres is a city located in St. Louis County with a deep, rich history of settlement from German immigrants and southerners from the Virginia area. As of the 2010 census, the population within the city’s 4.32 square miles was 8,373.

Des Peres’ French name translates to “of the Fathers” and its origins date back to even earlier settlement of the area from around the late 1700s. The name became so synonymous with the area that even before its incorporation in 1934, many establishments like the Des Peres Presbyterian Church of 1834 and the Des Peres Post Office of 1848 gave way to some of the earliest uses of the “Des Peres” name.

The Des Peres name was meant to serve as a tribute to honor Spanish missionaries who once settled there, but it’s also in reference to the famous River des Peres that runs through the town. This 9.3-mile metropolitan river is a true backbone of the sanitary and storm water systems for St. Louis County and its largest tributaries include Deer Creek and Gravois Creek.

Shortly after 1953, the population had outgrown its village status and Des Peres residents approved for a change in status to that of a fourth-class city. This would in turn provide extensive taxing authority that is necessary in the support of various city service demands. Like most suburban metropolitan areas, Des Peres experienced an immense post war residential growth and over twenty five percent of all the housing units in Des Peres have been constructed since 1980.

Residents of Des Peres with children attending public school are served by the Parkway School District and Kirkwood School District.

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The Lodge Des Peres is the city’s landmark community center that offers member access to a wide array of healthy activities within a full gymnasium, fitness center, and indoor/outdoor pool area.

Popular special events include the summer’s Dive In Movie, where you’ll be able to catch some of Hollywood’s newest blockbusters all while enjoying a nice dip in the Lodge’s outdoor pool, as well as the Summer Concert Series which offers three free shows in Des Peres Park on the second Friday of June, July and August.

The famous West County Center Mall of Des Peres was originally built in 1969, but was demolished in early 2001 to be remodeled and reopened a year later in September of 2002. Its known for being the only mall in the St. Louis area to include a Lego Store and one of two in the entire city with an Apple Store. The mall’s signature piece is the famous dove sign created by Tony Amato in 1969 and it’s been a true calling card and meeting place for thousands of people.


Community Contacts

Mayor of Des Peres Richard G. Lahr
(314) 835-6120
Board of Aldermen Members Mark Becker
Sean Concagh
Ben Sansone
Paul Raczkiewicz
John Pound
Jim Kleinschmidt
City Clerk Stacey Seymour
(314) 835-6111
City Administrator Douglas J. Harms
(314) 835-6110
City Attorney Kevin O' Keefe (314) 725-8788
Municipal Judge Chuck Billings (314) 646-0066
Court Clerk Lucy Vatterott (314) 835-6119
Department of Public Safety Director Keith L. Krumm
(314) 835-6200
Building Official Joseph F. Heitkamp
(314) 835-6137
Code Enforcement Officer / Inspector Mary White
(314) 835-6136
Finance Director Tracy Hansen
(314) 835-6113
Director of Parks and Recreation Brian Schaffer (314) 835-6150