Ellisville is a city located in St. Louis County that covers nearly 4.39 square miles. Bordered by the cities of Clarkson Valley, Ballwin and Wildwood, the population, as of the 2010 census, is 9,133.

Its history begins in 1837 after being settled by notable war solider, Captain James Harvey Ferris of Kentucky. Ferris eventually sold the house to a man named Vespasian Ellis, a newspaper editor from St. Louis who edited major publications of the time such as Old School Democrat, Washington Temperance Paper and Native American Bulletin.

Vespasian began farming the area in the early 1840s and eventually ran ads within publications he edited in an effort to sell his farm. In 1843, the land was sold to a venturing Virginia native, William A. Hereford, who worked at a post office in his hometown of Ellisville, Virginia, and later opened up the area’s first post office. During this time, the area began to be known as Ellisville … however — oddly enough — no historic accounts know for sure if the area was named after Hereford’s Virginia hometown of Ellisville or as tribute to Vespasian Ellis.

Most of the area’s 19th and early 20th century history was made up of modest and small, developing communities. However, as the 1930s approached, there was a growing desire from Ellisville residents to have their own public school district. While schools like Oak Ridge, Alt School and Ruvwe School had served Ellisville residents for years, there was a need for closer school districts where residents felt they had more of a say in their children’s education. To form their own district, Ellisville had to first incorporate as a village. In May of 1932, an election was held and voters approved for the proposition with Ellisville Village School District, forming in June of that year.

Population began to grow throughout the next several years and reached nearly 2,000 residents in 1957. With such a dramatic expansion, septic tank systems were becoming outdated for the number of residents and there was concern of disease arising from seepage.

Government officials realized that developing a brand-new sewer system to fulfil safety concerns for growing residents was not going to be a cheap task. As is within Ellisville’s history, to further grow its community, the village would have to grow in status as well. In November of 1957, the village of Ellisville incorporated into city status and received a bond of an undisclosed amount for financing the new sewer project.

As previously mentioned, residents of Ellisville are served by the Ellisville Village School District.

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Opened in 2012, the Ellisville Dog Park is a grassy area to bring your four-legged best friend. Open year round, from dusk to dawn, the park includes two playing areas specifically for small and large sized dogs.

Bluebird Park is Ellisville’s premier location for local events and activities for the entire community to enjoy. Highlights include a summer concert series, the “Hot Dog It’s Chili” chili cook-off and an annual winter Breakfast with Santa Christmas spectacular.

A popular local destination within Bluebird Park is Ellisville’s EDGE Aquatic Center. Open to all Ellisville residents from May to August, it contains a large pool, splash pad, two water slides, waterfall and bathhouse.

Established in 1992, citizens of Ellisville voted yes to establish a 13-member Charter Commission to draft a new Home Rule Charter designed specifically for Ellisville. The Ellisville Charter vests the power of government in the city residents instead of the State Legislature.


Community Contacts

Mayor of Ellisville Adam Paul
(636) 577-4458
Current City Council Members Dan Duffy
Ken Newhouse
Vince McGrath
Cindy Pool
Bones Baker
City Manager Bill Schwer
(636) 227-9660 ex. 3004
City Clerk Leigh Dohack
(636) 227-9660 ex. 3039
City Attorney George Restovich (314) 434-7700
Court Clerk Joanna Fiehler
(636) 227-3729
Municipal Judge Donald Anderson (636) 227-3729
Administrative Services Director Don Cary
(636) 227-9660 ex. 3027
Building Inspector Jeff Center (636) 227-9660 ex. 3038
Parks & Recreation Director Lisa Blumer (636) 227-7508
Planning Director Ada Hood (636) 227-9660 ex. 3042