Valley Park

Valley Park is a city located in western St. Louis County with a population, at the time of the 2010 census, of 6,942 residents. Covering no more than 4.02 total square miles, it is located near the city of Twin Oaks.

Valley Park’s earliest history begins with its foundation late in the 19th century with the intention of development a slew of summer resorts within the area current day-Valley Park resides. The area experienced a blossoming period with the establishment of the St. Louis Plate Glass Company in 1907, which employed 500 workers. Much goodwill was in the air for the region as many restaurants and local grocery stores opened … giving the area a commercial atmosphere. Many accumulate its attractiveness for residents were the result of railroads that intersected into the area and its close proximity to the Meramec River. At the time, the Meramec was a major recreational spot and travelers loved to vacation there.

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, the Missouri Pacific and the Frisco were the dominant railroad lines with 88 trains a day stopping in Valley Park. Today, the Union Pacific, Burlington Northern & Santa Fe, and Amtrak all traverse the City, but none have scheduled stops and the 88 trains per day have been reduced to 20 to 25.

Thanks in part with the admiration of the Frisco Railroad line, the Frisco Hotel was built in 1880 to abode railroad workers who worked on laying the line. By 1900, there were still only 150 permanent residents in the current day-Valley Park which, at time, was going by the name of “Nasby.” Besides Nasby’s post office, the small community also had a distillery, general store as well as a corn and flour mill.

Unfortunately, a record flood of the Meramec River occurred in August 1915 and a majority of the region’s businesses were destroyed or were washed away entirely. The community of Nasby came together for the next several years and helped pitch in through grassroots campaign to help raise enough funds for repairs and development of new business areas. Eventually, the residents voted to incorporate Nasby under city status in 1917 under the new and final name of Valley Park, which was a tribute to a mil that had been washed away in the Meramec River flood.

Residents are served by the Valley Park School District.

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The Valley Park Elevator and Hardware Store, built in 1874 is a landmark hardware store for the area. The original store caught fire and was rebuilt by Gerhard H. Timmerman, owner of the Valley Park Milling Company in 1877… still standing strong!

Several parks within the city Valley Park include Frisco Park, William J Brignole Park, Vance Trails Park, Wedge Park, Meramec Levee Recreation Park, Meramec Landing Park and Leonard Park.

Opened in 1845, Brunswick Zone Bowling is the area’s premier bowling, billiards, arcade game and laser tag destination.


Community Contacts

Mayor of Valley Park Mike Pennise (636) 225-4799
Board of Aldermen Ed Walker
Laurie Henderson
Betty Halker
Mike White
Jon Cochran
Stephanie Reynolds
Jon Young
Steve Drake
City Clerk Bill Hanks (636) 225-5171
City Attorney Timothy Engelmeyer (636) 532-9933
Municipal Judge Steven Clark (636) 225-5696
Court Clerk Tami Trulove (636) 225-5696
Collector Scott Rue (636) 225-5171
Treasurer Rita Collins (636) 225-5171
Building Commissioner Jeffrey Schaub (636) 225-5171
Parks and Recreation Director Gil DeNoramdie (636) 225-5171
Public Works Director Gerald Martin (636) 225-5171