Making That Great First Impression with Clients

Though many people may try and dispute such a claim … first impressions are very important and can dictate everything. In industries where your success is measured and related to the kinds of relationships you build, it’s so critical to nail in on that first chance. To ensure you’ve made the right impact … we’ve got three things to keep in mind when meeting new clients that can ensure a great first impression every time.

1.) Be Professionally Prepared

It’s not just about looking the part of being professional and giving off the right first visual impression, one of the major factors for trust between agent to client is working with someone who knows they have their best interests in mind. Always make sure that you do every bit of your homework before meeting with a client and make sure to keep a healthy flow of conversation constant.

Don’t let it all rest on the client to do the talking for what they’re looking for … some clients may not even know where to begin so do your best to eliminate any awkwardness of dead silence in the room by ensuring you have at least three to four major talking points. Should you have a phone conference with a client prior to a meet up, ensure that you take notes while speaking with them on the phone and do your research on the best way to answer any questions of concerns they have.

2.)  Be a Person

That sounds like it should be easy … right? Well, even the most seasoned of agents can tell you there’s still a little bit of moments of butterflies right before meeting with a client. Chances are, they’re just as nervous themselves. Make sure that you just find a way to be yourself and let your body language demonstrates that you’re cool, calm and collected.

There’s no need to overly impress a client by coming across more like a Google search page of real estate facts more than a person, so be weary of throwing too much technical facts that may just go over their head completely. It’s more important to construct a conversation that flows natural. Make sure that you keep an open ear to your clients and make them feel comfortable with thoughtful and open-ended questions.

Finding any type of common ground on any variety of interests is also something that makes you relatable and easy to communicate with. Whether it’s from the same type of pets, favorite sports team, similar interest in music … establishing a connection goes such a long way.

3.) Be Punctual

Sometimes it’s the very essence of time that people have the most difficult time with. So much rides on being on where you’re planning on meeting at the desired time that it cannot be understated how important timelessness goes into making that great first impression. Ensure that you’re at least 10 minutes early to where you’re scheduled meeting place is.

It’s far better to be a little early and get yourself organized than to have to call and text your client that you’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Being even the slightest bit of tardy on your very first appointment with a client can cause them to worry about how committed and coordinated you will be for their needs.