Housing Report

The median sales price of residential single-family homes in St. Louis City and County combined was consistently up again in January, likely fueled by a decrease in new listings and drop in single-family residential homes and condominiums for sale.
According to data released by Mid America Information Systems, 999 single-family homes and 162 town-homes/condos sold in January 2019. Median sales price was $187,000 for single-family homes and $163,000 for town-homes/condos. In January of 2018, 1,124 single-family homes sold at a median price of $165,000 and 217 town-homes/condos sold at a median price of $153,000.
January’s residential single-family new listings fell short of 2018 by 6.3 percent from 1,623 to 1,520 while town-home/condos saw 318 new listings compared to 351, a 9.4 percent decrease.
January’s average days on market through closing grew from 50 to 52 while town-homes/condos dropped from 55 to 54 average days on market compared to the same month last year.
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