St. Louis REALTORS® Committees are an integral part of St. Louis REALTORS® Strategic Plan and provide resources that enhance member professionalism, support the growth of St. Louis’ diverse community and protect private property rights.


For a printable list of 2019 Committees, CLICK HERE


Affiliate Council:
Cathleen Jones, 2019 Chair
Karen Dunn, Staff Liaison

Composed of affiliate members of St. Louis REALTORS®, the Affiliate Council is a group of dedicated industry-related professionals who work to support St. Louis REALTORS® events and initiatives.

Michele Sloan-Mulford, 2019 Chair
Dan Sale, Staff Liaison

Periodically reviews the association’s bylaws and recommends revisions as needed.

Bob Bax, 2019 President
Dan Sale, Staff Liaison

Leadership Advisory Board:
Kimberly Cameron, 2019 Chair
Tracey Yost, Staff Liaison 
The goal of the St. Louis REALTORS® Leadership Academy is to give members a chance to L.E.A.P -Lead, Engage, Act and Perform by giving them access to a network community and industry leaders who can enhance their leadership abilities.

John Williams, 2019 Chair
Rick Capelli, Staff Liaison
Chaired by the Vice President/Treasurer, this committee prepares and presents the annual budget for approval by the Board of Directors. The committee also monitors the budget and reviews and approves capital items within certain limits. In addition the committee sets investment and reserve policies and monitors the association’s Long-Term Investment Fund.

Past President’s Council:
Marc Levinson, 2019 Chair
Rick Capelli, Staff Liaison
Chaired each year by Immediate Past President of St. Louis REALTORS®, this group is comprised of Past Presidents who serve as organizational ambassadors and as spokespersons at the request of the President. This group is also charged with identifying potential leaders (Board of Director members) and increasing RPAC participation.

Young Professionals Network (YPN) Advisory Board:
Rex Eighmey, 2019 Chair
Dawn Seabaugh, Staff Liaison
The Young Professionals Network (YPN) is dedicated to engaging the newly licensed and younger generation of real estate professionals by giving them the tools and encouragement they need to excel in their careers.

Community Engagement:
Bill Wilmering, 2019 Chair
Dawn Seabaugh, Staff Liaison
Seeks partnerships with other organizations to enhance the quality of housing and home-ownership in St. Louis, and engages in meaningful projects and programs to make a visible difference in our communities and neighborhoods.

Ricky Hopkins, Sr., 2019 Chair
Rick Capelli, Staff Liaison
St. Louis REALTORS® mission is to engage in philanthropic and community activities, positioning the foundation as a viable and visible contributor to St. Louis’ quality of life, and to make the american dream possible for all in Greater St. Louis.

Urban Affairs Forum:
Scott Gilbert, 2019 Chair
Kate Whiting, Staff Liaison

All members are invited to attend forum events, which are designed to promote living in St. Louis as well as providing education and networking in an effort to assist REALTORS® in selling the benefits of St. Louis City.


Dawn Seabaugh, Staff Liaison
Comprised of the previous year’s St. Louis REALTORS® Award recipients. Select local REALTOR® award recipients and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for nominees of annual Missouri REALTORS® and National Association of REALTORS® awards.

Roe McCabe, 2019 Chair
Tracey Yost, Staff Liaison 
Reviews arbitration and ethics complaints filed with the association to determine if they are appropriate for a hearing in accordance to the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual.

Inclusion Advisory Group:
Spencer Talbott, 2019 Chair
Karen Dunn, Staff Liaison
This group openly discusses concerns regarding diversity and fair housing issues in addition to helping members become more educated on diversity issues.

Risk Management:
Cathy Wymer, 2019 Chair
Tracey Yost, Staff Liaison
The Risk Management committee develops and revises the association’s standard real estate contracts.

Risk Management Forum:
Jessica Wren, 2019 Chair
Tracey Yost, Staff Liaison
Provides an opportunity for all interested members to give feedback on proposed contracts changes as well as discussion on risk-reduction issues and trends that affect brokerage operations.

Professional Standards:
Toni Bilicki, 2019 Chair
Tracey Yost, Staff Liaison
Comprised of ethics and arbitration panelists who conduct professional standards hearings. Panelists must have served a minimum of three years on the Grievance Committee and must attend annual professional standards training.

Terry Gannon, 2019 Chair
Charles Hinderliter, Staff Liaison
Promotes REALTOR® involvement in election campaigns, political affairs and government activities. This committee, in conjunction with Missouri REALTORS®, sets the legislative agenda for the year.

Legal Action:
Vivian McBride, 2019 Chair
Charles Hinderliter, Staff Liaison
This is a provisional committee that meets only when the association determines it should pursue legal action against an entity based on the request of a member.

REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) Fundraising Planning Group:
Sue Middendorf, 2019 Chair
Kate Whiting, Staff Liaison
The REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is a powerful tool that utilizes the voluntary contributions of individual REALTORS® to elect candidates who support the REALTOR® Party and the Real Estate industry.

St. Louis Association of REALTORS® Political Action Committee (SLARPAC):
Marc Levinson, 2019 Chair
Charles Hinderliter, Staff Liaison
The purpose of SLARPAC is to promote the legislative and political goals of the real estate industry and to raise funds for this purpose.

Get Involved at the State Level

Represent St. Louis REALTORS® at the state level by serving as a Missouri REALTORS® Director. Requires travel to three in-state conferences. State directors receive a small stipend for their participation in state conference meetings.

“I have been involved on the State side for 2 years now.  I definitely recommend you seriously considering getting involved on the state level.  It has definitely helped my knowledge of the industry (and given me more awareness about what’s going on in the state) and I now have great sources of information.  I am able to pick up the phone and call someone around the state when I have questions about something so you can get another perspective.  This has been invaluable to my business and showing my clients I have connections for information.  I have also received referrals from my friendships with throughout the state.  So not only have I learned a ton, but I am working on growing my business.”–Tina Siebert, REALTOR®

January Business Conference
Date: Jan. 23-25, 2019
Location: Chateau on the Lake Resort Spa and Convention Center, 415 N State Hwy 265, Branson, MO 65616

April Business Conference
Date: Apr. 24-26, 2019
Location: Holiday Inn Executive Center-Columbia Mall
2200 Interstate 70 Dr SW, Columbia, MO 65203

September Business Conference
Date: Sept. 25-27, 2019
Location: University Plaza Hotel & Convention Center
333 S John Q Hammons Pkwy, Springfield, MO 65806