St. Louis REALTORS® Local Political Coordinator Program

What is a Local Political Coordinator?

LPCs are selected REALTOR®-members who play an important role in the grassroots and advocacy efforts of St. Louis REALTORS®. Each member that serves as an LPC is matched with a local elected officials with whom they will cultivate a relationship and educate on issues important to the real estate industry and private property rights.

The St. Louis REALTORS® Local Political Coordinator Program is an important part of our advocacy efforts. The 88 municipalities in St. Louis County have been divided into 10 zones with LPC teams, led by an LPC Captain, representing each zone.  The goals are to build relationships between local elected officials and REALTORS®, have REALTORS® ready to engage if any issues arise in a municipality, and to serve as a pipeline of information for the St. Louis REALTORS® members and staff.  The program is inspired by the National Association of REALTORS® Federal Political Coordinator (FPC) and the Missouri REALTORS® State Political Coordinator (SPC) programs. Watch the video below to learn more.


Download the Local Political Coordinator booklet HERE and click below to get a closer look of each political area zone.

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