St. Louis REALTORS® Local Political Coordinator Program

What is a Local Political Coordinator?

Download the Local Political Coordinator booklet.

Local Contacts (LCs) and Local Political Coordinators (LPCs) are selected REALTOR®-members who play an important role in the grassroots and advocacy efforts of St. Louis REALTORS®. Each member that serves as an LPC is matched with a municipality so that they can cultivate a relationship with their elected officials and educate them on issues important to the real estate industry and private property rights.

The St. Louis REALTORS® Local Political Coordinator Program is an important part of our advocacy efforts. The 88 municipalities in St. Louis County and St. Louis REALTORS® need your help. The goals are to build relationships between local elected officials and REALTORS®, have REALTORS® ready to engage if any issues arise in a municipality, and to serve as a pipeline of information for the St. Louis REALTORS® members and staff. This program is inspired by the National Association of REALTORS® Federal Political Coordinator (FPC) and the Missouri REALTORS® State Political Coordinator (SPC) programs. Watch the video below to learn more.