Your SUPRA Active KEY is retiring!

St. Louis REALTORS® has recently entered into a new contract with SUPRA, our Salem, Oregon based key system vendor!

With that new contract comes a new and improved device called the Xpress KEY, which will replace your current Active KEY.

However, all Active KEY users will now have two choices:

  • Replace the Active KEY with the new Xpress KEY (swapped out at no charge).
  • Upgrade to an eKEY. This is the popular SUPRA app that works on your Smartphone and turns your phone into your SUPRA key.

You may visit for more information on both devices.

The Key Exchange will start on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 (by appointment). Here are your options:

  • The Association will offer in-person exchange (by appointment) at the its offices (12777 Olive Blvd 63141) for either the Xpress KEY or the eKEY. CLICK HERE to schedule an in-person appointment.
  • (OR) Remote installation for the eKEY only (also by appointment) . CLICK HERE to schedule a remote eKEY appointment.


Xpress Key Xpress KEY

Ekey    eKEY


Pricing information:

Xpress KEYSwapped out at no cost for your Active KEY. You will then be billed your annual lease fee of $204.48 in late June with a due date of July 1.

eKEY - $16.09 per month – requires a credit card, debit card or checking account on file.


CLICK HERE to schedule in person Xpress KEY or eKEY exchange for your Active KEY.

CLICK HERE to schedule a remote eKEY exchange for your Active KEY.


Questions? Call St. Louis REALTORS® at 314-576-0033 or email to