St. Louis REALTORS® offers members two choices for electronic key access through Supra Technologies, the nation’s leading key and lock box distributor. Please click here to review the Supra Rules and Regulations as of January 1, 2018.

If you would like to file a Supra violation, please click here for the form.

The ActiveKEY is a handheld device that communicates with Supra lock-boxes through an infra-red light. The ActiveKEY updates automatically and directs information about showings to the Supra network using cellular radio. Showing notices are similarly provided to the ActiveKEY over cellular networks or to optional email addresses so listing agents can tell right away when a property has been shown.

The E-Key is an app available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry users that communicates with Supra lock-boxes through a Bluetooth capability. Be sure to check here for a list of devices that were thoroughly tested by Supra to deliver the highest possible user experience.

For additional information on the Supra ActiveKey & E-KEY, be sure to view Supra’s user manuals.