Our mission is to engage in philanthropic and community activities, positioning the Foundation as a viable and visible contributor to St. Louis quality of life, and to help make the American dream of home ownership possible for all in Greater St. Louis area.

In response to the growing concern in the region for our homeless and recognizing the natural link between that problem and the REALTOR® profession, St. Louis REALTORS® Foundation (originally known as the REALTORS® Housing Assistance Fund) was established in 1989 by then St. Louis REALTORS® President Ellen O’Brien. The Foundation is a qualified, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization and a vehicle for St. Louis REALTORS® members to give back to their community and serve the area homeless. Since then its inception nearly 30 years ago, the Foundation has evolved into an avenue for REALTORS® to help make the American dream of homeownership possible for all in Greater Saint Louis.

“Saint Louis Realtors® believes in healthy, happy and beautiful communities. Through our Foundation, we have the ability to channel our goodwill and tireless dedication of giving back to our St. Louis region.” – Ricky Hopkins, Sr., 2019 St. Louis REALTORS® Foundation Chair

St. Louis REALTORS® Foundation 2019 Board of Directors

Ricky Hopkins, Sr.
(314) 499-4176
Robert Bax
(314) 997-7600
Michele Sloan-Mulford
(636) 243-8300
Marc Levinson
(314) 725-0009
Dan Sale
Chief Executive Officer
(314) 576-0033
Richard Capelli
Staff Liaison
(314) 576-0033
Edwina Conley
(314) 308-3244
Chelsea Vonder Haar
(314) 628-2000